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5 Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle Before Summer

Summer is almost here! And of course, we want to think about getting away for a bit, or for the lucky ones, to spend some time on the beach – but before you make get away plans, make sure that you’ve taken care of these important maintenance issues at home first.

These tips are great for any homeowner, especially if you are looking to put your home on the market in the near future.

Inspect Brick or Stone Patios & Walkways

Canadian winters can take a real tool on these items; as the ground freezes and then thaws, the ground, and these walkways could shift. If left unattended, these could become a safety issue, or could break or crack. This is also very important for your home’s aesthitics.

Feed That Lawn!

Don’t rely on mother nature to get your lawn summer ready. Take the time to water it and get it the nutrients it needs – especially if your home is going on the market, or if you want to entertain friends and family this summer.

Repair Wood Fences, Posts and Gates

This is the item that most of our clients put off. Similar to walkways, weather, cold and humidity can shift or deteriorate your wooden fences and structures. Unfortunately, this is one of those repairs that if left too long can become costly. If something doesn’t look quite right, don’t be afraid to reach out to us for some help.

Wash Your Windows

Nobody likes this task, but it makes such a difference in the appearance of your home, especially when having guests over. This one is worthwhile, but remember, if you are unable to reach your windows, or uncomfortable at heights, then call the pros.

Spring Cleanup

During the winter, your yard might have become a bit messy. That’s OK, it happens to us all. This is where taking the time to clean out and waste, and tidy up some plants really pays off when it comes to enjoying your home during the warmer weather.

We hope that this list is helpful to you, and as always we are ready to help with your home maintenance and repair needs.

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