Our Team

Gerry Bisschop - General Contractor

Gerry is an experienced general contractor, who is able to take on virtually any sized job, including complete renovations, additions and new home construction.

In the past,m he has renovated basements, kitchens and bathrooms for our clients, as well as building home based offices.


Skills At Work London- Residential Services
Skills At Work - person laying ceramic tile

Brian Fast

Brian is one of our longest serving home repair specialists, offering brickwork, home repairs and seasonal maintenance.

Brian works hard to help our clients maintain their homes during all seasons, including lawn maintenance, snow removal and eavestrough cleaning.


Ross Landers

Ross Landers is an experienced painter, who can handle both residential and commercial jobs.

Ross is talented, quick and efficient, and works with his clients to make their homes and businesses look great.


Diana G.

Diana is one of our newest housekeepers, who is available to assist with various tasks around the home. 

Diana also offers services in Spanish.


Sonia G.

Sonia is an experienced companion and driver. She makes sure that our most vulnerable clients get to their medical appointments safely and on time.

Sonia is able to deliver service in both English and Spanish. 


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M-F: 9am-4pm


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