This standard warranty applies to all jobs completed by our Associates on our behalf.

For 1 (one) year from the date of the completion of the work, the Over 55 Skills At Work Associate will repair, free of charge, defects in work performed pursuant to the invoice as provided by the Associate.

Note: this warranty does not cover weather worn deck (outside staining) due to the weather conditions, vandalism, intentional damage, normal wear and tear, ground shifting, or any damage which could be covered by home insurance. 

There are no other guarantees expressed or implied and there is no liability for subsequent damages of any kind.  Guarantee is for labour only. Materials are not included within the warranty (see Manufacturer’s Warranty). 

Over 55 Skills At Work Associates and staff have the final decision to have the original Associate honour any warranty claims.

Over 55 Skills At Work Associates work as independent contractors and are not employees of Over 55 (London) Inc.  Therefore, Over 55 (London) inc. does not accept any direct liability for work completed by our Associates. However, we are available to mediate disputes between Associates and Customers.

Please Note: Every Over 55 Skills At Work Associate carries insurance, specific to their skillsets and work performed.